Plugin configuration

Depending on the configuration you use you may need to set the names for the following environment variables.

sbt key description default
discoveryMethodEnv The environment variable name that controls the discovery method. The value will be set to kubernetes-api None
hostnameEnv The environment variable name that controls the hostname. This will be set into a kubernetes field value (status.podIP) None
namespaceEnv The environment variable name that controls the namespace. This will be set to the namespace defined in the deployment None

If you don’t set this values, the plugin assume that you have set them manually in the deployment settings and it won’t attempt to define them. Remember that these are for the environment variable names not the values. The values are set automatically as specified in the Akka documentation for kubernetes api discovery here

The generated yaml file can contain the following environment variables

                -   name: MY_DISCOVERY_METHOD
                    value: kubernetes-api
                -   name: MY_HOSTNAME
                            fieldPath: status.podIP
                            fieldPath: metadata.labels['app']

The AKKA_CLUSTER_BOOTSTRAP_SERVICE_NAME environment variable is added by default. You can only control the 3 environment variables mentioned in the table above.